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richard_hipson's Journal

19 May
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When I'm not eeking out a humble living as a sales guy, selling my wares to anyone who cares, I sell my soul to the night and the dark forces that reside deep in the shadows of my mind. I write for the demons that dwell there in the form of dark prose.

I read as often as I can and enjoy my movies scary dark and psychological. I occasionaly mix it up with the odd action or comedic flic.

When I feel my short chains pulling at my limbs, I know it's time for the next brain picking interview, review or article and I must oblige my masters at Insidious Reflections.

Oh, and I also enjoy long walks on the beaches, cool breezes in my hair and the earth as my bed. I also find hiking and fishing and a little conoeing to be very good medicine for the soul and my soul tends to require lots of medicine.

to write horror fiction