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MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN: Canadians Beware [Oct. 26th, 2008|04:21 pm]
Went to see SAW V last night - which I was pretty impressed with, a far sight better than part IV - but the thing that really got my blood bubbling was a small poster by the entrance announcing that Clive Barker's MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN will be doing a midnight showing this Halloween in my little city of Kitchener Ontario ) Empire Theater)! I am very excited about this as I was all but ready to settle for whenever Lions Gate chose to dump it on DVD (You can check out my write-up regarding the beef I have about its limited release in this up-coming issue of Dark Resesses Press, which also includes Barker's short masterpiece, Book of Blood)

Has anyone else heard of a screening in their area for this film? I'll do some research and see if it's playing in any other theaters in my local area and post any findings here. Limited theatrical release or not, I say we do what we can as horror fans to fill whatever theater we can where they may be showing this bad ass film.
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Interview with Rue Morgue publisher, Rodrigo Gudino [Mar. 27th, 2008|06:28 am]
Hope everyone enjoyed their previous long weekend, I know I sure did. Was good to get away with Erin and her family to Niagara Falls where we spent a couple of days getting wet and wild in the waterpark and taking in some other fun times which the area had to offer. Refreshed and revived, it’s back to crunch time this week as I get back to lots of writing and other productive business.

And as for the writing, FearZone.com has recently published part one of a three part interview in which Rue Morgue publisher, Rodrigo Gudino, was kind enough to spend some quality time on the phone with your’s truly to discuss his work in film and publishing. Check it out as we get to talking about how Rue Morgue Magazine ticks as it does, what it takes to succeed in publishing horror in today’s roller coaster market as well as plenty of other stuff fans of horror in culture and entertainment should find entertaining and informative.

Part two goes live Thursday, part three on Friday.

Hope you enjoy it and do drop a line in the comments section at the bottom of THE INTERVIEW and tell us what you think.

Cheers n’ chills,

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